The Difference Between Backpack Pro: Small and Large

Backpack Pro vs. Backpack Lite

Backpack Pro Small vs Large - What is the best option for you?

In the IAMRUNBOX webshop you can find two backpacks especially designed for running and cycling - the Backpack Pro. But what is the difference between the Small and Large? And which option does fit your needs the best?

Backpack Pro Small vs Large - The similarities

To begin with, both backpacks have the same design, are available in the same colours (black and orange) and serve the same purpose - keeping your belongings in place while running or cycling to work. They are lightweight and water resistant. Furthermore, the backpacks’ movement while running is reduced to a minimum thanks to the anti-bounce technology. Both versions also come with a Clothes Folder. The clear and simple folding instructions help you to fold your clothes in the right way and avoid wrinkles.

backpack-pro                    backpack-lite        

Size and measurements

But what is different is the size. Whereas the Backpack Pro Large (left) has 10 liters of volume, the Backpack Pro Small (right) comes with only 8 liters. The measurements differ in depth with 105 mm for the Large version and 80 mm for the Small version. This has an impact on its tare weight as well. Generally speaking, the Large provides you with more space for your daily essentials. Please find here an overview about the exact measurements and the difference in size:

Backpack Pro Large
Backpack Pro Small
360 mm
360 mm
265 mm
265 mm
105 mm
80 mm
945 g
875 g
10 l

Backpack with laptop compartment

Another difference is the extra laptop compartment of the Backpack Pro Large. Two elastic straps keep a laptop up to 14’’ safe while you are running or biking to work. This provides an extra strong grip on the laptop as compared to the Lite version that does not come with an extra opportunity to carry your computer. But of course, also the Backpack Pro Small has the right size and enough space to carry your laptop if you do not really feel the need for extra security.


Removable string attachment system 

Another special feature of the Backpack Pro Large is the removable string attachment system. This is an elastic cord which you could add to the outside of the backpack. Our blog article “Running like a Pro” shows you how to add the strings in the right way and gives you more tips about the right usage of the backpack. This attachment system allows you to even pack more stuff. It is especially useful for jackets, sweaters, our garment bags or other smaller accessories. It is also a great way to carry your shoes. We recommend to use the IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag in combination with the Large version to create the best carrying experience. The Backpack Pro Small does not give you the opportunity to use this string attachment system.


What fits in there

The Backpack Pro provides sufficient space for up to 5 garments (depending on size and type of clothes), underwear, socks, smaller accessories, a laptop and either jacket/sweater or shoes on the outside. The Backpack Small has a smaller compartment but fits great for carrying up to 3 garments with you. An extra set of clothes consisting of jeans, shirts, socks and underwear and a laptop fits perfectly into the Backpack Lite.


Our recommendation

Whether the Backpack Pro Large or the Backpack Pro Small is the best choice for you really depends on your personal needs. If packing your laptop and one extra set of clothes is enough for your daily commutes we would recommend to go for the Small version. But if you need to carry shoes or more stuff from time to time or want to have extra security for your laptop, then the Large version is the better choice.
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to send us an email.